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1. Calculate

After you have made the calculation on our website, we will contact you to make an appointment. We will visit you free of charge to measure your room, assess your contract and answer your questions.
We immediately check whether you have leakage, mold or other damage in the room, so that the rent is even lower.

2. Action

If our calculations show that you are paying too much, we will contact the landlord. We point out to the landlord the correct rental price. If the landlord does not want to adjust the rent, we will engage the Rent Committee.

The Rental Committee will assess our proposal and make a decision that the landlord must comply with by law. We take care of everything for you with the aim that you will pay a fair rental price. And more importantly, No Cure No Pay.

3. Party

After a decision has been made by the Rental Committee, we ensure that you receive the overpaid amount from the landlord.
After you have received the money from us in your bank account and your rent has been reduced, it is time for a party.


What can we do for you to reduce your monthly costs? Check here what we can do for you.

Check all-in price

Makkelijk toch zo'n all-in prijs? In de praktijk misschien wel, maar het mag absoluut niet! Juist omdat het voor jou niet te controleren is of je al dan niet te veel betaalt. We spreken over een...

Reduction of basic rent

Een verhuurder mag niet zomaar een huurprijs bedenken. De hoogte van de huur is afhankelijk van de grootte van je kamer en de voorzieningen in het huis, bijvoorbeeld een eigen badkamer. De...

Reclaim deposit

When entering into the lease, the landlord often charges an extra amount, namely a deposit. The deposit serves to settle the outstanding amount if damage occurs to the rented property or if you...


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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

On this page you can read all about the most frequently asked questions about rent, tenancy law,...
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